Australian-based startup Arcade opens Dallas office

Retail Technology Ventures, known as REVTECH, announced in a press release that the Australian-based startup company Workplace Arcade, is opening an office in Dallas. REVTECH is a seed fund and venture accelerator company located in Dallas. Arcade recently graduated from their 2016 REVTECH program, which is a mentor-driven, 14-week accelerator program.

Arcade was founded by CEO David Cherrie and provides a software as a service, or “SaaS” solution for retailers. Their software utilities gamification to equip and engage staff to improve sales and customer service. Their software is able to measure, increase, and retain employee engagement.

“I worked as a retail sales rep and often felt bored and undervalued by the company,” Cherrie explained.  “To pass the time, our team and I created a sales game using Excel, where we would challenge each other every day to make the most sales. As a result, the culture of our team grew stronger, our customers became happier, and of course our sales increased. Our store went from the bottom tier to the highest selling store nationally.”

This experience prompted Cherrie to start his own company. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Cherrie’s vision was always to expand into North America. He felt the obvious choice was to begin in Silicon Valley, so they opened up a San Francisco office. Soon after, Dallas caught Cherrie’s attention, and he realized that Dallas would be a key location for growth.

“We had never built a company in the States before, and knew that it was vital we align ourselves with mentors/investors with domain experience in U.S. retail and growing high-scaling business,” Said Cherrie. “We found that the team at REVTECH not only had what we were looking for, but were also incredibly passionate about our business and supporting it to grow.”

“At REVTECH, we’ve been saying for years that access to customers and talent is more important than access to capital,” REVTECH’s Managing Director David Matthews said. “With Arcade, we brought them $100,000 of investment, but access to large customers and great talent is what moved the company from San Francisco to Dallas.”

Matthews believes that Arcade’s success is proof that a retail startup can attain great success in Dallas. Welcome to Texas, Arcade!

Sophie Hatch