Brainspace has been acquired by Medina Capital and BC Partners, creating a global leader in cybersecurity and data retrieval

Today it was announced that Medina Capital and BC Partners have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Addison-based Brainspace.  Medina Capital and BC Partners are leading private equity firms with a joint venture holding a portfolio of 57 data centers that will be acquired from CenturyLink.

Brainspace combines machine learning and interactive data visualizations that make finding the needle in a haystack of data simple. Brainspace’s platform is capable of intelligently detecting unique phrases in unstructured data sets, entirely changing the meaning of a search function and turning previously accepted limitations on their head while redefining what is possible.

Medina Capital invests in software-enabled technologies with a portfolio that includes Crpytzone, Catbird Security, and Easy Solutions.  Medina is a private equity firm that looks to invest growth capital in organizations that focus on cyber security, data analytics, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS.  With a goal of funding high-growth companies, Brainspace is a no-brainer for Medina Capital to acquire.

BC Partners has an equally impressive portfolio including MergerMarket Group, Pharmathen, and SuddenLink.  With the acquisition of CenturyLink, the team at Medina and BC Partners will create a joint venture that will be an immediate leader in the global co-location market.  BC Partners has grown throughout North America and Europe, identifying attractive investment opportunities investing in selective markets and products. They are well-respected for ensuring a good balance of risk and reward for their investors.

This new global cyber security company will provide software, services, and infrastructure with Brainspace offering its highly scalable machine learning platform, industry-leading unstructured data analytics product, and more than two decades of machine learning experience to the new joint venture.  This partnership better aligns the ability of Brainspace to address the increasing demand for their solutions in e-discovery, digital investigations, and defense intelligence.

The entire deal is a $2.8 billion transaction that will bring together CenturyLink Data Centers with Medina Capital’s cyber security and analytics portfolio. This is a perfect fit for Brainspace, increasing market access and growth.  This deal helps to meet the need of organizations around the world that are seeking more flexibility over their infrastructure while demanding next generation security.

Harmony Tapper