RoboKind and the Autism Society announce school grant program

RoboKind, the world leader in social robotics, together with the Autism Society of America, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, announced today their new Robots4Autism School Grant Program. This program will give schools the opportunity to adopt a research-based curriculum to aid children with autism.

“The grant program furthers our commitment to bettering the education for students with autism, regardless of financial means,” said Fred Margolin, CEO and founder of RoboKind. “We’re humbled to share a mission of advocacy for providing the most appropriate services for autism alongside the Autism Society.”

Typically, school districts have difficulties with the expensive healthcare and education options for children with autism. To combat this issue and provide the highest quality of education, the Robots4Autism School Grant Program was created so all children with autism could benefit and have access to the program.

Milo, a humanoid robot, was created for the children to interact with and learn from. Milo incorporates eight evidence-based practices that adhere to the Robots4Autism curriculum. In clinical studies, by helping a child learn appropriate social behavior and promote emotional understanding, this increases their engagement levels.

With the grant partnership, schools of all backgrounds can utilize the Robotos4Autism curriculum. Schools apply to purchase the Robots4Autism curriculum, and upon approval, a grant will be provided to complete the purchase, depending on the availability of funds. Ninety-five percent of funds donated to the Robots4Autism School Grant Program will go directly to eligible schools.

“Increasing access to products and services to better serve the autism community is fundamental to improving the lives of those affected by autism,” said John Dabrowski, COO of Autism Society of America. “This grant broadens horizons for schools to access a variety of methods to support the needs of students with autism.”

Currently, the Robots4Autism Program is being utilized in over 100 school districts. One of their success stories shows how the robot Milo helped Celia, a girl with autism who struggled through school. After just nine months of starting the Robotos4Autism program, she progressed three grade levels. To view her story and learn more about how you can donate, please click here.

Sophie Hatch