Introducing “Launched in DFW”

Launch DFW is proud to formally announce the “Launched in DFW” badge. And yes, the badge has been loaded more than 2 million times.

Why Launched in DFW? AngelList, Crunchbase, Startup Genome, and the others all require the founders to proactively create and manage a profile. If something changes, the expectation is that the founders will then return and keep the data up to date.

Launched in DFW turns the model on its head. Instead of filling out a lengthy profile at Launch DFW, we’ll do it for you. All you have to do is tell us who you are by installing the Launched in DFW bug.

With a simple copy and paste of the code into your website, an image (the Launched in DFW bug) will load dynamically from our server, sending the image’s referrer in the process. The server-side code will track the referrers so we can build a list of every site that has the code installed. Simple. Oh, and we map it.

Eventually, we’ll link these domains to startup profiles and content at Launch DFW. When your company is mentioned on Launch DFW, your profile will be updated. When you present at a Launch DFW event, your profile is updated. You get the idea.

When clicked, the badge will link to the Launched in DFW site, where we provide direct links to all sites listed through the freshly minted Launch DFW Startup Profiles. That means it’s good for SEO, too.

Ready to get started? Get Launched in DFW.

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