The iLumaware Shield TL: radar technology for your bicycle

Chris Mogridge, the COO and co-inventor for iLumaware created a Kickstarter campaign to fund his project called the Shield TL. Kickstarter is an online community where creators of all kinds can find the resources they need to make their creation come to life. For Mogridge, he’s using his Kickstarter campaign to make roads safer for cyclists.

In 2015, there were more than 35K+ car and cyclist collisions in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, about every 3 minutes, 6 people die and nearly 285 people are injured in these collisions. Most of car-cyclist accidents are caused because drivers didn’t see the cyclist, and hit the cyclist from behind.

Currently, there are over 57 million cyclists in the U.S. alone. The solution to keeping these cyclist safe, is ensuring that drivers can see them, before it’s too late.

Thus, the Shield TL was created. It’s a tail light for your bicycle – but it’s equipped with radar technology. This makes your bicycle more visible to cars at a distance greater than 195 meters. In case you don’t know the metric system, that’s more than two football fields in length.

“When a car sends out radar, what happens is it picks up our reflector,” Mogridge explained. “Our reflector has been optimized for that certain radar frequency coming off the car’s crash avoidance system and actually increases your radar cross-section, so it gives the driver a lot more time to react and avoid that collision.”

Basically, the radar system works with the Shield TL by utilizing “On the Radar,” or OTR technology. This amplifies your reflective signal, thus making your bicycle more visible to a cars’ radar at a greater distance than if you rode without it.

You might be wondering – how many U.S. cars currently have radar? This year alone, 83% of unique car models sold in the U.S. are equipped with radar. In 2018, they estimate that 95% of new car models will be equipped with radar.

So far, the Kickstarter project has 177 backers and $15,500 of their $70,000 goal. Pledgers can choose to donate any amount they’d like to the project, but if they donate more than $5, they’ll receive exclusive updates during final stages of development and an insider preview prior to product launch. To learn more, simply click here.

Sophie Hatch