AwSnap! A new way to message friends

This month, a new social app has hit the iMessage app store that will take a picture of a friend’s reaction to weird or funny clips and send it back to the creator. AwSnap! was created by Dallas-locals Ryan Gant and Jason Osburn who wanted to capture that first moment of surprise people have when they see something strange.

“It’s not another set of stickers or a semi-useful brand extension that checks the “iMessage app” box,” said Osburn to LaunchDFW, “The app is the only one of its kind on the iMessage app store that lets users capture reactions to photo and video messages sent.”

AwSnap! is extremely simple to use with an easy user interface. Users can choose a photo or video they want to send to their friends. Once the message is received and opened, the app will take pictures of the receiver’s reaction and return it back to the sender. The app is set on a timer to capture the perfect moment so nothing is missed. Learn more about how the app works from this video.

“Part of what’s cool about the app is we went from idea to in-store in two weeks,” Osburn said, remarking on the duos’ quick development time.

AwSnap! has already received positive responses since its launch. Grant and Osburn are hopeful the app’s unique platform will garner more attention and will become a staple for capturing those precious moments between friends.

Own an iPhone? Download the app from the Apple Store here and start sending friends the strangest pictures and video that can be found on the internet. Don’t forget to share their reactions to any social media outlet for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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