ParkHub secures business deal, investment from Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones

The Dallas News recently reported that ParkHub, a startup that coordinates parking payment systems, received an investment from Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, according to Tom Walker, the vice president of tax and business development for the Jones family.

George Baker, the founder and CEO of Dallas-based ParkHub, is a lifelong Cowboys fan, and considers the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium and Jones investment incredibly meaningful. The 36-year-old said, “Every time I walk into the [Stadium], I’m in awe.”

ParkHub aims to make parking awesome. Their software includes ‘Prime” and “Portal,” which enables operators to view parking operations, and parking attendants to process payments instantly. ParkHub leases their parking software to companies and receives a percentage of the parking revenue each month.

During last year’s football season, the AT&T Stadium starting using ParkHub. Their huge parking lot has around 12,000 to 13,000 spots, and up to 25,000 spots if the stadium is being used for other events, by borrowing neighboring lots. Previous to ParkHub, the stadium only accepted cash or pre-paid parking.

ParkHub stood out, because of its innovative view of parking, use of sensors, and ability to collect data, explained Walker.

ParkHub created new software features to account for AT&T Stadium’s reserved parking sections, Baker stated. One of these features can scan a parking pass and pull up the driver’s name and reserved spot. The parking attendant can then greet the driver by name and direct them to their spot.

This football season, Cowboys fans and visitors alike will be able to pay for parking using near field communication, such as Apple Pay.

Baker grew up working for the Parking Company of America, which his dad co-founded. While working in the parking business, Baker discovered some serious flaws. Some companies were unable to process credit card payments, employees could easily steal from cash boxes, and parking operators were unable to predict slow or busy days.

So Baker worked with Dialexa to develop ParkHub’s software and hardware to solve these issues. Alongside Tony Albanese, ParkHub’s president and chief revenue officer, they chose to grow the business by focusing on high-profile deals. Now, ParkHub has more than 20 clients including the Super Bowl, American Airlines Center, and Levi Stadium.

Sophie Hatch