#BigDNT October: Tantrum Street

William Cervin presented at Dallas New Tech this month on Tantrum Street, a startup he founded with the goal of becoming the world’s first personalized item-level transaction data marketplace.

He explained that we are in an era of convergence, with the whole world essentially following each person around and exchanging information about him or her in order to improve their marketing efforts. This is evident in personalized ads on the internet or suggested items on retail websites.

However, Cervin explained that only 10% of retail sales happen online. Information about consumer purchases is segmented when it comes to the other 90% happening in brick-and-mortar stores. A store may know what you buy when you shop at that store, but that’s where their knowledge ends. The credit card company knows where you shop, but not what you buy.

With Tantrum Street, Cervin wants to get the purchase-level data for each consumer, both online and in stores. The company provides different offerings for small businesses, non-profits, political campaigns, consumers and enterprises, and collects transaction information from them.

“The idea is: let’s make it simple for our customers to give us the data that we want in exchange for a great experience on their side,” Cervin said.

Watch his pitch below.

Chastiny Lewis