The incredible growth of StackPath

StackPath might be a young company on the Dallas start-up scene, but it has certainly hit the ground running. With over 30,000 customers, and an estimated $4.3 billion in investments from partners and other investors, CEO Lancy Crosby has set the tempo for Dallas start-up companies since StackPath’s launch earlier this year. Taking his success and what he learned from his previous start-up, SoftLayer, Cosby has set out to create a global security and service giant that offers a faster-unified platform for speed, scale, and security.

Crosby was the former owner of SoftLayer, a cloud computing company that was sold to IBM for $2 billion in 2013. During his time with SoftLayer, Cosby realized there was a bigger issue with cloud computing security, and sought a way to fix the growing issue. After leaving SoftLayer, Cosby spent several months learning cloud infrastructure and how to infuse security without sacrificing speed and size. His endeavors led to the creation of StackPath, a cloud company that offers faster Internet speed, security and can be scaled to fit any growing or established companies.

StackPath offers a wide verity of services and prices dependent on the customer’s need. Even at the most basic service and lowest rate, consumers can receive:

  • Global Bandwidth
  • DDos Mitigation
  • Web Application firewall
  • Real-Time Analytics

If the customer has more than 250 sites that need support, StackPath claims it can handle the bulk with ease.

“The Internet is where the world does business,” Crosby told back in July. “It may be the single most important utility supporting businesses today, yet we continue to overtax the aging infrastructure and struggle to make it secure.” It’s clear that StackPath aims to match the Internet’s exponential growth and offer affordable support to any business that moves into the fast and chaotic lanes of the Internet.

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Rebeca Easton