Denton’s solidifies role as tech hub

The startup community in Denton, Texas is growing. With the recent annual Bootstrap Denton networking event having been hosted at Stoke, the newest tech-oriented co-working space and entrepreneur center, it is apparent that the growth will only continue.  The Bootstrap Denton event was hosted by TechMill, a group that runs several creative technology initiatives throughout Denton.

Stoke is a public/private initiative between Denton and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, which Danielle Abril of DMagazine points out will help to build on the growth strategy of DEC while also helping to develop the growing Denton tech community.  Trey Bowles, of the DEC, recognized the growing community in Denton. This will mark the fifth DEC supported location.

Stoke, which opened on August 1, was at 96% capacity before opening their doors, highlighting the hunger the community has for such spaces. Membership fees for Stoke will be used for the operating budget, amenities, and programming opportunities.  The facility is 9,216 square feet with Denton supporting lease for the space with DEC supporting the programming and management.

Stoke formed a partnership with TechMill, a nonprofit that supports entrepreneurs in Denton.  According to TechMill, Denton County is ranked sixth of the top 25 counties in the country for high-tech jobs. The only other Texas county to make the list was Travis County.

TechMill’s other events include OpenHack Denton and coding workshops that are held at Stoke.  TechMill is also the sponsor of meet ups like LittleDOCC and APIs & IPAs.  TechMill helps to support the coming together of the public and the private, creating partnerships with city officials, university leaders, and technology advocates.

TechMill has a desire to “make Denton the best place to start an independent, creative, bootstrapped tech business”. They are working with the community in order to build, organize, and advocate for the startup scene.

Harmony Tapper