#BigDNT October: Swych

Robert Sabella and Deepak Jain are the co-founders of Swych, a mobile gifting company that has revolutionized the concept of sharing gifts with other people.

Sabella began by posing the question: “How many of you have gotten a gift card that you’ve never used? Or you get it, and you’re like, what was this person thinking?”

Simply put, Swych solved this problem. Jain explained that they created a Swych app that digitized the gift card market. Included in the app is what they named, “Swych Gifting,” which enables a user or company to create a “Swychable Gift,” and send this to a recipient. When the user receives the gift, they can “Swych” it to anything they’d like.

For example, if a Home Depot gift card is sent to a recipient, but they want to use the giftcard at Walmart, the recipient can “Swych” the Home Depot card gift instantaneously towards a Walmart purchase. Thus, the sender can always be assured that their gift is being put towards a purchase of the recipient’s liking.

Senders can also send a monetary amount, which recipient can save up to 100 days. Then the recipient can choose a store they wish to spend their gift at. Before purchase, they can open the app, “Swych” the money to their chosen store, and then pay.

Not interested in a purchase? Jain said it’s no problem, as you can simply put the cash into your bank account instead.

Users have the ability to purchase a gift card within the app or scan in a plastic gift card. They can even put the value of the plastic gift card towards another retailer. If they prefer, users can send the gift card to another recipient. All of this, digitally.

Their newest platform is the “Swych Giftbot,” where Swych uses messenger apps, such as Skype, to send gifts. By simply speaking a command to the Swych Giftbot, a user can quickly and seamlessly send a gift.

Watch their presentation below.

Sophie Hatch