#BigDNT October: CHDR

At this past week’s Dallas New Tech, a monthly showcase event for new companies and technologies, Cole Oliver presented over his company, CHDR financial (pronounced “cheddar”). He explained their three fundamentals:

  • The CHDR app
  • Saving with friends
  • The savings radar

As the founder and CEO of CHDR financial, Oliver described their demographic as the younger working professionals and students.

“Our ecosystem is primarily based on instant gratification and making things extremely accessible,” said Oliver.  “So our financial app, which puts your personal finances on auto-pilot, allows students to connect all their financial accounts in one place that is convenient and easy to analyze, while also providing meaningful and valuable insights and recommendations.”

Oliver gave the example that Spotify charges $9.99 a month for a regular plan, but offers a student discount of $4.99 a month. So the CHDR app would alert the student of the discount and the potential savings of $60 a year.

For even more savings, i.e. saving with friends, there’s the option to sign up for Spotify with 5 friends. By signing up for a regular plan, you split the cost five ways. Thus, you have your own account for $3.50 a month, and it’s completely legal.

Their saving radar is a Chrome extension that notifies students and active or veteran military members of any discounts. This way, they never miss out on a deal, since their Chrome extension provides the link to a website’s discount.

Oliver explained that he started CHDR financial to help the 70% of millennials that lack a basic understanding of finances, and the 50% who worry if they’ll ever be able to pay off their student debt.

Watch Oliver’s presentation below


Sophie Hatch