Arms of Telos: A new take on competitive FPS

A new innovative first-person shooter has rocked it’s way into the Dallas indie developer scene. Arms of Telos, created by Dallas local Justin Pierce at Overpowered Games, promises a different kind of FPS experience, with gravity and speed as its core foundation. The game’s unique environment uses a combination of zero gravity space, special magnetic pads, and indoor gravity areas.

What really makes this game shine is the six degrees of movement. Players can zip up and down, left and right with their grapple beams, and customize their characters to fit their play styles.  The 5 v 5 capture the flag arena is vast and challenges players to think quickly or be blasted off the map.

Overpowered Games is looking to build a strong and positive online community. They have opened forms on Discord and Discourse. There, players can give feedback to the developer or discuss the games mechanics. The developer is also active on Twitter and Facebook, where he provides updates on the game’s progress. Arms of Telos is just beginning, but promises to be a fresh take on the classic first-person shooter competitive genre.

Arms of Telos Early Access is available for download on


Rebeca Easton