DocSynk: Innovating the healthcare market

With the struggles of finding affordable health solutions, many people have gone without the needed medical coverage. Dallas-based DocSynk has set forth a plan to use mobile applications and artificial technology that will be able to tell if a current insurance plan will cover a patient’s expenses. The app will also provide other services such as appointment reminders and provide transportation options for those unable to drive. Such an ambitious project, like DocSynk, drew the attention of Naya Ventures.

Naya Ventures, a five-year-old North Texas entrepreneur company that specializes in mobile development, helped to fund DocSynk. They funded 1 million dollars to the startup’s mission. DocSynk credits Naya for helping get their company get up and running. With Naya’s guidance, Docsynk is already seeing results from a pilot program done with a North Texas hospital chain, which saw a decrease in patient no-shows by 40 percent. Both companies are looking forward to continuing their efforts in innovating the healthcare market.

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Rebeca Easton