#BigDOCC unites coffee, business and tech

Every Tuesday morning at 8 AM, the Coffee House Café in Dallas is filled with conversation as the BigD Open Coffee Club North meets to discuss current headlines and talk about new ideas for entrepreneurs seeking to improve their businesses. The group is moderated by Aimee Bentson and Jason Croft. Participants include a mix of corporate business men and women, startup founders, developers and others who want to talk about the most recent developments in business and tech.

Raj Daniels sends out the newsletter for the discussions along with links to the articles mentioned. Here’s just a few of the many topics that the group talked about in September:

Google’s voice search recordings. You may have known that Google tracks your internet activity, but did you know they can also track things that you say? Luckily, you can view these files and delete them if you wish.

Amazon Pop-Up Stores. In addition to physical bookstore locations, Amazon is also establishing open-air kiosks in malls. Here, customers can see Amazon brand devices before purchasing them. Amazon experts are also on hand to give tips and help with setup.

Job Elimination by Artificial Intelligence. Predictions are that by 2021, AI and cognitive technology will remove 6 percent of jobs in many industries, specifically in transportation, logistics, customer service, and consumer services.

Other topics included Facebook Shadow Profiles and possible privacy violations, Ford’s purchase of a shuttle-van startup, a shippable kit that gives your car “Autopilot” capabilities, and an ad blocking service that allows white-listed ads.

The BigD Open Coffee Club is just one of many around the DFW Metroplex. Whether you live in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano or somewhere in between, you can join in the conversation. Find a DFW Open Coffee Club near you by visiting this page.

Chastiny Lewis