Local Brainspace Receives High Praise From Legal Team Client

Addison-based Brainspace received high marks this year when their technology was used by SolarCity‘s legal team as a crucial part of an internal investigation. SolarCity, a leading solar energy provider based in San Mateo, California, needed to verify an employee claim in a short amount of time, and used the Brainspace Discovery Cluster Wheel in order to find the data they needed based on four main search parameters. The result was a quick and thorough investigation process.

“One of our attorneys remarked that Brainspace is the single best tool he has ever used to review and analyze data,” said Pallab Chakraborty, eDiscovery & Information Governance Counsel for SolarCity.

The Brainspace technology was implemented by Discovia, a global eDiscovery service provider for corporations, law firms and government entities. Discovia assisted SolarCity in the investigation so that they could quickly identify the parties involved and the data needed. Then they analyzed the communication and the related information to make a determination on the claim. Chakraborty summed it up as “a very quick win.”

Brainspace started in DFW as PureDiscovery and soon secured multi-million dollar financing from Medina Capital in 2013. After re-branding to the name of one of their products, Brainspace was selected as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner Inc. in 2014, and has been pegged as the next “Billion Dollar Baby.” Dave Copps, CEO & Founder of Brainspace, spoke at MIT’s EmTech Conference this year, which shows the impact the company has already had in the realm of artificial intelligence, and points to continued expansion ahead.

Chastiny Lewis