Go farther with WavCatcher

The WavCatcher x1 case is a simple solution to the low Wi-Fi or cellular reception issue at convention centers, hotels, and work spaces for iPhone 6 and 6s. It boosts a cellphone signal to allow for better connection, without the need for an extension or battery life drain. The product is made by Dallas based WavCatcher, whose motto is, Go Farther.


How does WavCatcher work?

The case is made from a thermoplastic polymer material that is impact resistant and embedded with RF boosting tech, which can be easily slipped on an iPhone 6 or 6s. The case takes the already existing RF signal that all phones put out, and amplifies it allowing for easier connection. In addition, the case helps to reduce the drain on battery life, as the cellphone doesn’t need to search as hard for a connection.

Adam Lotia, Co-founder of NEX, an invitation only technology center in Deep Ellum says, “One of the things we learned with the WavCatcher case is that we’re seeing better connection with Wi-Fi and cellular reception.”

The WavCatcher is compatible with any existing carrier that uses U.S. wireless carrier frequencies, which means that the case can even help with international business. This is proven by testimonials on the product from company presidents to traveling students. The WavCatcher lives up to the company’s motto of Go Farther.

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Rebeca Easton