Startup of the Year awarded to ShearShare at Innovate! and Celebrate

Recently, Innovate! and Celebrate‘s global conference was held on September 20th through the 22nd in Silicon Valley. The 3-day conference allowed attendees, such as industry leaders, startup founders, and investors, to expand their programming and networking opportunities. There, attendees could also meet the newest tech startup companies and learn more about their specific products and solutions. For startups, they were able to network with established industry leaders for mentoring, sharing ideas, and product information before they launched.

As part of the conference, Innovate! and Celebrate had the “Startup of the Year” award. The first place winner was McKinney, TX-based startup ShearShare. Originally, the startup was included in a batch of almost 1,000 different startups that had entered the competition. They were then narrowed down to 50, and then again to the last five finalists in the competition.

Tech.Co, a technology startup news, events, and resources website, shared the news on ShearShare’s victory and explained, “As the first-place winner in the Tech.Co Startup of the Year competition, ShearShare receives the following:

  • Title: ‘Tech.Co Startup of the Year 2016′
  • IBM Hosting Credits – 12 months ($120,000 value)
  • American Airlines Business Extra Points – 15,000 ($5,000 value)
  • F6s Alpha Card – ($10,000 value)
  • Business Blocks Course – ($4,000 value)
  • Aftershokz Wireless Headphones – ($400)
  • First choice draft of accepting 500 Startups, Techstars, Tech Wildcatters, DreamIt Ventures or Amplify.LA Offer (ShearShare chose to go with 500 Startups).”

So what exactly is this startup ShearShare all about? Well, this company connects salon and barbershop owners to individual beauty operators to fill the place of unused salon suites and stations. This is for a temporary basis, so owners can make money on their excess inventory. Thus, licensed cosmetologists, barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, etc., can lease suites and booths by the day. With ShearShare’s platform, these professionals can work temporarily in an esteemed salon environment, without committing to a long-term lease contract.

To read more about their journey to first place, see the LDFW coverage on when ShearShare made the top 50, and more information about the company and their product offering. Tech.Co also covered the top 5 finalists that were chosen for the competition (including ShearShare), and each competitor’s pitch video.

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