Starliink: linking fans with celebrities

GeekWire, a national technology news site recently posted an article about a Dallas-based startup called Starliink, that launched their exciting new iOS app on Thursday. The app allows users to speak with celebrities, athletes, and favorite influencers – for a price. The app has a simple 3-step plan, where fans can pick a star, request a time slot, and then interact with their chosen star.

After the Starliink app launched, some of the notable influencers included:

  • Richard Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback
  • Cliff Avril, defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks
  • Vontae Davis, cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts
  • Johnny Hekker, an NBA trainer
  • YouTube personality HikeTheGamer
  • Rich Redmond, a drummer and producer
  • Celebrity chef Tre Wilcox

On the Starliink website, celebrities can register to be included in the stars list in the app. Each celebrity has control over the start and end times for each session. Fans can choose from those predetermined slots. The star decides how much to charge, which can range in price from $50 to $10,000. Starliink takes a small service fee from each transaction. It also gives stars the option to keep their money, or donate it to charity.

Starliink was founded in March by co-founder and CEO Reed Duchscher, who has an extensive background working years as a talent manager.

“It always broke my heart seeing the disappointing looks on an individual’s face that had waited hours in long lines for a small chance to see their favorite influencers up close with no luck,” he told GeekWire. “When we created Starliink we wanted to provide the access that I am fortunate to have on a daily basis.”

Duchscher explained that when he proposed the idea, the influencers all agreed to utilize the platform, even knowing they wouldn’t be paid to participate.

Even though technologies already exist with the same concept of bringing together celebrities with their fans, Duchscher explained that Starliink stands apart. Their platform digitizes interactions, so it allows for instant access to a fan’s chosen star. He added, “Starliink will eliminate troublesome logistics, and give influencers full control over their time.”

What celebrity would you pay to be able to speak to?

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