TGI Fridays’ new bot by Conversable

Venture Beat, a company dedicated to bringing news, events, groundbreaking research, and the newest tech innovations recently posted about TGI Fridays‘ brand new chat platform powered by Conversable. Newly launched, these interactive bots will allow customers to interact with the bots to find a restaurant location, and (depending on the area) make reservations.

TGI Fridays has locations all across the DFW metroplex serving up American-styled cuisine in a casual dining space. Their future plans are for customers to be able to order through the chatbots from their mobile device. For example, a customer could open up a message to a TGI Fridays’ chatbot, which would prompt a “what would you like to order?” question. The customer could respond, “burger” and the chatbot would respond, “which burger would you like?” Then the customer could pick from a list of different burger options from the menu.

The TGI Fridays’ bots were created and will be powered by Conversable, a company that was founded in 2014. Founders Ben Lamm and Andrew Busey raised $2M in angel funding, which allowed their chatbot platform to be launched in June of this year. Conversable creates intelligent, on-demand, automated responses from one-to-one conversations in any messaging channel. Some of their conversation channels include Amazon Echo, Kik, and SMS.

“Looking ahead to fall 2016, Fridays will work with Conversable to expand its online reservations capabilities and also offer online orders via social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter [Direct Message], and Kik,” said Conversable in a statement.

Conversable has already created delivery bots for Wingstop and Pizza Hut. Consumers can simply use their chatbot platform and create their orders through a bot. Whole Foods partnered with Conversable too. They had a recipe bot built so consumers could interact with the bot and gain suggested recipes. Their platform even allows the use of emojis to search for a specific recipe.

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Sophie Hatch