Frisco’s brand new LAUNCHPAD CITY

LAUNCHPAD CITY is Frisco’s thriving new professional services building, located at 2595 Dallas Parkway. While many spaces are solely co-working spaces, LAUNCHPAD CITY has a broader list of offerings. They provide a co-working space, school, playground, construction, and money programs to provide growth and educational opportunities.

LAUNCHPAD CITY explained on their website, “Visionaries, creators and developers are innately attracted to LAUNCHPAD CITY’s coworking space. Residents quickly learn that they are better together. They discover that vocational diversity fuels the creative process and increases their productivity. The city, which includes professional services, has become one of the most desirable business addresses in the region. Professional Services include accounting, advisory services, branding, capital, co-building, legal, and staffing.”

At LAUNCHPAD CITY, their co-working space includes:

  • Three office configurations for entrepeneurs
  • A platform for corporations to access innovation, partner with entrepreneurs, and attract talent
  • A place for the Frisco community to learn about and experience entrepreneurship
  • A place where investors can connect and learn about different ideas and opportunities

Their school includes experts sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and experience in training and development programs. These programs have training on the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and mobile platforms.

The playground connects the innovation process with proven business practices. It’s a much different environment than where our childhood bullies used to hangout – instead, it’s where innovative thinking and ideas are brought to life. Here, they use rapid-prototyping, minimally viable product, and “test and learn application” techniques.

For the construction site, they explain on their website, “[It’s] where entrepreneurs and creatives go for business expertise, strategic direction, operational processes, and comprehensive marketing support. Services are determined by the specific needs of each city dweller, and include a’ la carte offerings as well as all-inclusive, integrated plans.”

Entrepreneurs need an innovative idea and the passion to pursue it, but they also need capital and partners, which LAUNCHPAD CITY’s money site helps with. They created a investment life-cycle called, “Spectrum Investing,” which gives entrepreneurs easy access to capital so they can fund product development and business creation. Established businesses can also use the Spectrum Investing life-cycle for expansion.

For more information, check out their contact page!