Local company, Gestures, named a finalist in Prestigious Innovation By Design Awards

The Innovation By Design Awards spotlight the best of the best in areas such as apps, branded environments, health, products, social good, websites, and platforms.  They reviewed more than 1,700 designs, and there were 15 winners and 231 finalists identified. This included Gestures, Inc., Organic Information Structure.

Gestures imagines a world where spaces are not limited based on-screen size or capacity, and instead calls on people to imagine how beautiful a three-dimensional space would be.  This would be a place where information is available in different positions, depths, and sizes based not on what a developer wanted, but instead based on how relevant they are to the user without any extra clutter from interface elements.

The spaces Gestures creates are not limited in direction or dimension creating an illusion of traveling through time and space.  No longer is a user limited to just scrolling up or scrolling down to see information that is presented to them.  The Organic Information Structure Framework allows everyone to build their products as they imagine. This is without limits or definitions- giving them the power to decide how information will be displayed and how it will be accessed.

Jenna Clark of Launch DFW first wrote about Gestures in late 2013 introducing their mobile camera interface. Their interface eliminated the gimmicky features that have become expected by users. Instead it offered a simple, easy to use product.  Needing just one touch to focus and capture a photo, scrolling up and down on the screen introduces filters, and there is a simplified touch screen language.

Gestures, Inc was founded by Sung Kim, Roy Mitsuoka, and Rob Edgell. They have combined their vast backgrounds to stop building a world in squares. Their goal is to change how we perceive that around us.

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