Tweetbot, one of the App Store’s most popular apps, is Tapbots’ best seller, but not only seller

Tapbots is the Flower Mound, Texas organization that is behind Tweetbot for iOS and Tweetbot for macOS, the award-winning Twitter client that is a top Apple App Store download.  Unlike apps that are designed to be utilized across platforms, Tweetbot is designed for the Mac ecosystem, offering seamless integration across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Tweetbot for OS X is designed for the Mac.  It features a unique interface, animations, support for units with Retina Display, and access to the Notification Center ensuring a beautiful aesthetic.  Meanwhile, the iOS app offers iPad support, an Apple Watch App, 3D touch support, landscape support on both iPad and iPhone, and Quick Reply through iOS Notification.

Tweetbot offers support for third-party services as well, creating an all-encompassing system. It can support bittly, CloudApp, Droplr,, Instapaper, Mobypicture, Pinboard, Pocket, Readability, and yfrog.  Users are also able to mute tweets by users, hashtags, tweet source, or keywords, along with the ability to follow stats, use new night theme, and support for multiple Twitter accounts.

Along with the very popular Twitter client, Tapbots offers Calcbot for iOS and macOS as well as Pastebot for macOS.  Calcbot is an intelligent calculator and unit converter that offers much more than scientific functions and constants such as pi.  From interface improvements including nine themes and sounds and animation, users can look back at every calculation entered through the History Tape, store favorite calculations, and e-mail tape.  Users also can sync their history tape via the iCloud, and with unit conversation calculations.  With more than 500 units, users are never left scrambling looking for another calculator.

Finally there is Pastebot, which is for the macOS and is currently in public Beta release.  Pastebot is a clipboard manager for Mac. It stores what you copy so that the information can quickly be retrieved later if need be.  Through the app it is possible to create custom clipboards for clippings that are used frequently, and it is possible to build powerful filters that can be applied as a user copies and pastes.

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