Sprinkl announces investor Ian Woodward-Smith’s $1.3M investment

Sprinkl, the Dallas-based SXSW finalist is excited to announce that they raised $1.3 million in cash and credit from investor Ian Woodward-Smith.  This IoT company uses cloud connectivity to improve water conservation when controlling your yard sprinkler system.

The irrigation and conservation tech company is also pleased that Woodward-Smith will be joining the company. He will be spearheading the business development and strategic partnerships that they seek to utilize in the future.  Along with Woodward-Smith’s business acumen, Sprinkl will use the cash and lines of credit to launch new products, and launch a secure IP for 2017.

This year Sprinkl released Conserve. Conserve introduced to property owners an innovative way to use their smart phones along with any low voltage irrigation controller.  Using local weather stations, recorded rainfall, weather history, and data from the local municipality, Conserve is able to determine when to water the property based on all of the available data.

Conserve is easy to use. The property owner can choose how often to schedule their sprinkler system to run, and it can be managed remotely.  With more and more cities introducing restrictions on the watering of lawns and gardens, Conserve is able to automatically adjust to those regulations and community expectations regarding the use of a limited water supply.

Sprinkl has been building its market and developing and perfecting its products for many years.  Dallas residents Noel Geren and Daniel Pruessner spendt more than a year developing the product.  An unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign did not deter the team. Instead they buckled down and worked harder towards their goal of helping to conserve our planet’s most precious resource – water.  Sprinkl is proud to highlight the retailers that stock Conserve. These include select Home Depot stores, HomeDepot.com, Amazon, Smarthome.com, and b8ta in Palo Alto, CA.

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