Vinli adds Meineke and Cox Automotive to their distribution

Vinli has been making great waves since it’s launch, and only continues to grow and expand its market presence. The company that brings WiFi to cars with a simple plug-in device, caught the attention of some big car companies.

TechCrunch’s article explains, “Vinli definitely isn’t the only company that offers a connected car platform using hardware that connects to a vehicle’s diagnostic port, but it can now claim to offer the largest selection of apps tailored for any connected car product, the company says. There are 47 apps in total available for Vinli, with ‘hundreds’ in various stages of development ahead of release, according to Vinli founder and CEO Mark Haidar.”

Vinli’s success is partially thanks to their market approach. Instead of focusing only on newer vehicles, they want to provide their product in all cars, whether new or old. As they increased their distribution efforts, Vinli teamed up with Meineke and Cox Automotive to offer their product in the second-hand car market.

Meineke is an international automotive repair chain. Their Meineke app enables customers to schedule service appointments, track service history, and get roadside assistance. Their arrangement means that Vinli will become part of the Meineke reward members service package. These will be provided in October to customers in service locations. In turn, Vinli customers will have access to Meineke services, such as push notifications when their car is due for a service.

Cox Automotive is a car industry giant, that works with dealerships to buy, sell, or trade cars. Their arrangement means that Vinli will be included as an option package with vehicles sold by the Cox-owned dealerships. This would include cellular connectivity through T-Mobile, which has nationwide coverage.

Since both arrangements mean that Vinli’s service comes as an option with purchase, the customer is more likely to add-on the service during purchase, instead of later purchasing as an add-on. For Vinli, these two new arrangements will greatly broaden their distribution channels.

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Sophie Hatch