ValueBet adds value to sports betting, increasing odds of great performance

ValueBet is a new company that seeks to help users make consistent value bets helping to ensure long-term betting success.  ValueBet and its app are not actual gambling websites, no bets are placed through them. They do not accept any type of wager.  Instead, ValueBet is a sports betting tool to help those who like to place bets have better information in order to increase their opportunity to make a better bet.  Available for download on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. ValueApp is a tool for all platforms.

Called a price comparison tool, the ValueBet App compares prices by having users enter in their odds and prices. Then it compares that to what is happening on the market to see which line has the most value.  The app does not provide picks, however. The user must input that data in order to obtain data in return, and there are no “locks,” this is merely an informative tool.

Focusing on football and basketball, ValueBet helps users to take advantage of lines that are slow or weak moving, exploiting that weakness for monetary gain when making bets.  This is also a great tool for reducing the number of bad bets a person is inevitably going to make by offering the ability to compare odds.  Most importantly, ValueBets is free to use, and there are no purchases required for its use.

The ValueBet Blog is a great resource to help those who are experienced with sports betting and those who are just getting into this source of entertainment.  With topics as varied as “Don’t fall for the Gambler’s Fallacy – and the Law of Large Numbers” to “ValueBets capitalizes on Overvalued Odds” there is a wealth of information available on their website and the app.   ValueBets also offers their own picks for the football and basketball games happening on a specific day, whether it’s the NFL, College Football, the CFL, the NBW, WNBA, or College Basketball.


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