ParkHub’s announces adoption of platforms to major lot operators from coast to coast

ParkHub is the Dallas-based company that offers a complete parking ecosystem with premier enterprise solutions.  They’re revolutionizing the parking industry, first in Dallas, and now across the county.  Intended to take the frustration and uncertainty out of finding a parking spot, ParkHub quickly grew from being a Dallas company to having a presence in Tampa, Florida, before now seeing nationwide demand.

PR Newswire, reporting for CNBC announced the adoption of ParkHub by some of the largest parking operators in the country. These include Parking Company of America, Ultimate Parking Management, ImPark (West Coast Operations), Denison Parking, and LAZ Parking, which provide parking services to major venues from coast to coast.  ParkHub’s platforms have been designed to meet the needs of parking operators and accommodates their unique needs.

Perhaps most beneficial is ParkHub’s ability to offer real time information to parking operators.  This provides a better understanding of parking inventory, transactions, and the flow of traffic throughout the venues.  ParkHub allows those attending sporting events to get into the venue, parked, and then into their seats as quickly and efficiently as possible.  No longer do people need to wait in long lines trying to find a parking spot in a congested parking lot or garage.

ParkHub can be found in its offices in Deep Ellum. Founder George Baker has been in the parking industry since birth, with his father, Fred Baker, one of the founders and the president of Parking Company of America-Dallas.  Melissa Repko of the Dallas Morning News highlights the resounding success of ParkHub and the hard work and determination of Baker to build this company on his own, going to the American Airlines Center in Dallas and showing them his ideas and how he could help them better manage their parking lots.

The American Airlines Center told Baker he needed to get Ticketmaster on board. He flew to Hollywood and sold them on his idea.  This was then followed up his contractual agreement with Ticketmaster with the Super Bowl committee reaching out two weeks before the big event looking to ParkHub to power Super Bowl parking and getting the Dallas Cowboys business.  With each new client, Baker is growing his company. Filling holes that parking operators experience and that previously did not have a means of filling. ParkHub fills the holes, and offers products and services that benefit lots, big and small.


Harmony Tapper