Robin, moving lawn care to the 21st century

If there is one thing that all homeowners have in common, it is the need to worry about lawn care.  Having a well kept lawn makes the home look welcoming and appealing, but this can be a time and labor intensive goal.  Robin is looking to bring lawn care into the 21st century.  Devin Coldewey of Tech Crunch highlights just how extraordinary Robin is.

Currently, when dealing with a lawn care company customers must pay with cash or checks under the door mat. This is an archaic and unsafe way to conduct business.  One reason for this is that lawn care businesses are often small affairs, often just a single truck and two or three people operating in a single community.  Robin is looking to change the model.

Instead of just equipping lawn care providers with portable credit card readers–people are still at work during the day–Robin is building relationships with existing businesses and connecting them to customers who want to engage in online transactions.  Coldewey writes that the process is simple, residents merely put their address into the system where a quote is generated. Robin is taking out all of the time associated with getting a quote for lawn care.

Robin is able to draw data from a database of property records, and generates a quote based on that data and estimating the size of the lawn to be cared for.  There is no need for an on-site visit, no need for call backs or negotiation, and no need to place a check under the doormat to pay for services.  As Debra Swersky writes, Robin puts your lawn on autopilot.

The resident selects a start date, recurring times, and extras including edging or weeding. Next the customer can check out, and pay online.  Co-founder Justin Crandall admits that people do not want to make this decision, it’s time-consuming and can be frustrating to reach out to different lawn care providers before selecting one.  Instead of having to wait, Robin utilizes e-commerce to make the sale, offering immediate pricing and options, immediate payment, and immediate scheduling.

Robin partners with lawn care companies and after obtaining a new customer, they then fill the lawn crew’s schedule.  Robin optimizes routes and management, eliminating the need to drive from one side of town to the other repeatedly. Instead with Robin’s routing and scheduling, there is less time wasted driving between customers.

Through filling excess capacity, Robin helps the homeowner get the lawn they dreamed of, while also helping local lawn care businesses fill their schedules up.  Along with pairing customers with lawn care companies, Robin is also looking to the future with The Germinator.

The Germinator is a Roomba for your lawn, taking care of the weekly mow.  There will still be a need for human labor though to perform the weeding, edging, trimming, and fertilizing of properties.

Harmony Tapper