BIG DNT September: vImmune

The founder of vImmune (who we have featured before), Ashutosh Prasad, pitched at Dallas New Tech on Tuesday Evening. Looking to be the world’s best immunization management tool available, it launched in June of 2016. While most medical apps are too scientific in nature, vImmune was created with user experience and fun in mind.

Using a freemium model, vImmune is an application that keeps track of you and your family’s current vaccinations, and when they were last administered, and when they are due next. You can even include your pet cat or dog in your app, adding them and their vaccination records to your profile. With convenient premium features, such as faxing your records to schools or healthcare providers, vImmune is making going back to school easier than ever.

vImmune promises to keep your data safe, too. Security is something very important at vImmune, they spent 2 years developing the security for the app.  vImmune is HIPAA compliant, making sure your records are completely secure. None of your data is stored on your phone itself, so there is no need to worry about prying eyes getting into your family’s medical records via your device.

Prasad is pleased to share that the app has good traction.  vImmune has shown 50% sustained growth in users since launching in just June of this year. Be sure to keep track of your own vaccine records by downloading the app for yourself here.


Check out more about the app in Prasad’s pitch below.