BIG DNT September: Create Gate

Merrick Porcheddu is the CEO of Create Gate, launched in Dallas in May of this year. Porcheddu came to pitch at Dallas New Tech, hosted by the J Erik Jonsson Central Library, Tuesday evening. First to pitch, Porcheddu set the tone for an energetic and upbeat evening of presentations.

Touting itself as the “First ever social media platform for the local art scene,” Create Gate serves to connect the art community with its potential customers, and perhaps most importantly, each other. Create Gate serves three main categories of customers- creatives, venues, and fanatics.

Their main target audience, creatives, make up the majority of users on the platform. Creatives are prompted to choose up to three words to describe themselves, such as painter, videographer, or photographer. Next, they provide their locale, so potential patrons can find them, or venues can book them. After that, they can provide a portfolio to show their work, upload a resume, and even sell their goods or artistic services to other members of the community. This also provides a great place for artists to potentially find others to collaborate with. Create Gate’s platform works to serve the artist community by assisting with the creation of press kits, offering advice on how to market yourself, and several other helpful services.

The next category of users are fanatics. Fanatics are members of the community who are looking to purchase or book the work of artists, or just those who enjoy browsing the mobile directory of art.

Lastly, there is a category for venues to create accounts through Create Gate. Venues are able to book all sorts of talent through the app. With a handy mobile directory of hundreds of local artists and performers, Create Gate makes it easy for venues to find many options in one place, rather than scouring site after site to see different options.

Although Create Gate is currently mobile app based, they are looking to launch their website soon, as well as expand their platform to cover other regions outside Dallas. The next areas on the agenda for expansion include Austin, Nashville, New York City, and Detroit.

Check out Porcheddu’s pitch below to learn more about Create Gate.