Vinli’s newest integrations: Amazon Echo and IFTTT

One of the frustrating things about driving your car is the fact that you’re not connected between your car and smart devices. Vinli, a local Dallas startup, wanted to change that. This innovative company decided to bridge the gap.  Vinli created an endless range of apps that connect to your vehicle, so that you’re always connected on the go.

With a simple, plug-in car adapter, Vinli is able provide your kids with wifi to download games, movies, or podcasts while they’re in the backseat. For drivers, the Vinli app provides roadside assistance, car reporting, and can connect any smartphone to your car.

Their newest, exciting integrations is with the Amazon Echo, which is an audio speaker with voice control abilities, and IFTTT, an app with the premise: “If This, Then That.” With these integrations, you’re able to see how well you’re driving, how much fuel is left, and program your vehicle with “recipes” from IFTTT. So for instance, if you live in Dallas and want to navigate to work without traffic, you can create a “recipe” through IFTTT specifying: when I leave for work in the morning, open up the traffic app Waze, and give me the best possible route.

For the Amazon Echo, your voice activated assistant is named Alexa. To begin a command, you simply say, “Hey Alexa,” then ask any of the following from the convenience of your home:

  • Vehicle Location
  • Car Mileage
  • Vehicle Health
  • Fuel Left in Car
  • Set your Odometer

With IFTTT, you’re able to program a “recipe” saying, if this action happens, then this action happens in response. For example, when you arrive at your destination, it can text the specific person who owns that house that you’ve arrived. Other triggers that can alert you include:

  • Collision Detection
  • Check Engine Light Status
  • Entering and Exiting an Area
  • Starting and Stopping Trips

The IoT is becoming widespread, so why not stay connected and safe while you’re driving? To purchase the Vinli Car Adapter, please click here. For other LaunchDFW coverage over Vinli, please see these articles regarding Vinli’s launch, how they raised 6.5 million in funding. Here is more information regarding their comprehensive car to home connection.

Sophie Hatch