TangoTab: How you can help eliminate hunger

TangoTab‘s mission is simple – every time you eat, they eat. Anyone with a smart phone can download their app for free, and search for a restaurant. Once one has been chosen, simply click “Count Me In” on the app when you arrive, and then click “TangoTab It.” TangoTab then donates the cost of each meal to a local food charity.

It’s really that easy. So easy, in fact, that the company recently hit a major milestone of feeding over 1 million people. Now, their progress is up to 1.5 million!

TangoTab was founded in 2011 by Andre Angel, who was previously the co-founder and chairman of WorkMeter, a company that helped to improve employee productivity, efficiency, and morale. For Angel, his life changed drastically when he visited a food charity for the first time. There, he saw the many Americans that patiently waited in line for food to feed themselves and their families.

Angel knew that he had the power to change this.

With Angel’s previous experience in business and a new passion to eradicate hunger, he founded TangoTab. Though hunger is a serious and global issue, he wanted a simple, easy solution to solve it. So he created the concept that each time someone ate out for a meal, that would equal one free meal for those in need.

The issue of hunger affects at least 1 in 6 people. People may think only low-income families suffer from hunger, but in reality, it affects people from all walks of life. It could be affecting the people you know, your neighbors, or even children that go to your local school. This is called food insecurity.

If you want to learn more, checkout TangoTab’s blog and Twitter feed which includes news and several posts about hunger and what you can do to change this. In their blog entitled, ‘Why I Had To Take Action…” they explain, “Did you know that Americans eat over one billion meals in restaurants every week? Imagine if every time you ate at a restaurant a hungry person also got fed, without costing you a penny. Sounds very simple, doesn’t it?”