Joshua Wilson on finding your NICHE

Finding what you’re good at can be exceptionally hard.  Finding your niche can be even harder.  Joshua Wilson is a Dallas based growth and business development expert, who helps those who need it find the tools they do not even realize they have in order to earn success.

Wilson is a fighter for those who cannot fight, and seeks to support the causes that are worthy of supporting.  He also looks to help those in the business field better provide for their customers, and one way to do this is by finding your niche.  Writing for LinkedIn, Wilson published “How to Find Your Niche,” to help entrepreneurs and business owners.

Wilson uses the word NICHE to drive customers to finding their purpose.

N: Start With No; meaning that you should think about the customers you do not want to serve or otherwise work with. Wilson reminds readers that they only have so many yeses to give, so to make them worth it.

I: I Say Yes To, in determining who to work with, you need to really understand your customer and who you really want to work with.

C: Change Agent focuses on the fact that people need to solve their problem. The business needs to recognize the change that they can bring to their business.

H: How You Do That? Showing people how you do what you do, and how you deliver the changes they need is important. Thinking about how to do that will help flesh out extra clutter that is unnecessary.

E: Evidence You Can Do it For Them. This is showing people who need proof that your business is actually able to deliver the promises made.  Offering case studies or testimonials would allow your potential customers to see that you are serving their problems, and able to help them.

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