Molly Cain: life hacks from a 90-year-old

Molly Cain was sitting in her favorite, secluded spot in a restaurant when two women sat down within earshot. Much as she tried being respectful and to focus on her work, she couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation between a mother and daughter. Over their meal, they began to discuss the mother’s newest stage in life: a retirement home.

Typically, the word “retirement home” is laden with negativity. It can be a depressing and/or unwanted move for elderly family members, who aren’t able to care for themselves or their house anymore. Intriguingly, this 90-year-old woman was excited for her new adventure, and eager to share her advice with her daughter.

“It’s too late and stupid for all of us to be something we’re not. It’s much easier to be who you are. I’m glad I’m me.”

The older generations weren’t born into a world driven by social media. For kids, they aren’t part of the negative media storm just yet. Cain pointed out that these people have confidence about themselves and who they are. They’re not affected by negative news outlets and social media because they’ve never been a part of it. So instead, the 90-year-olds and tweens have just chosen to be themselves.

Even though this 90-year-old woman was moving into a retirement home, she knew that her mindset was a choice. She chose to be thrilled to pack up and move to a brand new place, even her husband had already passed away, and this stage of life would most likely be short.

If you feel stuck in a career, surrounded by negative people, or bored in your city – change it. Or maybe you need to change your negative mindset about your current position. Whatever is it, you’re in charge of your life.

Cain is a contributing writer for Forbes magazine where she shared this story. She’s also the CEO and Founder of Glass Heel, which is the career and entrepreneurial headquarters for ambitious woman. On their website, you can book expert speakers (including Cain) and find workshops on leadership, investment, and startups. Checkout Cain on Twitter, to keep up with her latest work.

Sophie Hatch