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September 2016

This is not a joke: What does a former truffle chef turned coleslaw master, a LinkedIn for patients coupled with a algorithm, and a “Medium” for video have in common? You might wonder if you missed a headline in

Recently, Innovate! and Celebrate's global conference was held on September 20th through the 22nd in Silicon Valley. The 3-day conference allowed attendees, such as industry leaders, startup founders, and investors, to expand their programming and networking opportunities. There, attendees could also meet the

The “Stage 5” Gauntlet Tech Wildcatters presentations took place this afternoon at House of Blues, and played the setting for a big day for the Dallas startups community, with the starring members of the scene being Deep Space Ventures and

Trey Bowles has been appointed to the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE). He will be tasked with advising Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on matters related to innovation and entrepreneurship policy and support.  Bowles' is the co-founder and

Southern Methodist University's  (SMU) Cox's School of Business is pleased to announce that they will gain the first U.S. Academic Institute for Educating Consumer Engagement Leaders thanks to a $10 million gift from Diane and Hal Brierley.  The Brierley's gift

Circuits Assembly, a website featuring the latest news, features, and products in the technology world, recently posted a press release describing Future Electronics new partnership with CalcuQuote. Future Electronics was founded in 1968 and its headquarters are in Montreal, Canada. They also have

Venture Beat, a company dedicated to bringing news, events, groundbreaking research, and the newest tech innovations recently posted about TGI Fridays' brand new chat platform powered by Conversable. Newly launched, these interactive bots will allow customers to interact with the bots to find a

RoboKind, a world-renowned company that designs and builds robots to foster social interaction and support STEM, has addressed an issue with robotics head on. Their newest robot is named Jett, and has been designed to have African-American likeness. RoboKind created Jett

The Intuit Development team just announced on their blog which teams would be competing for $100,000 at the QuickBooks Connect 2016 event in San Jose, California. On October 24th, ten different teams will be competing on stage at Intuit's Small

Gabriella (Draney) Zielke is the co-founder and CEO of the Tech Wildcatters. The Tech WildCatters is a company that invests their money, time, and resources into startups. As they work with many different entrepreneurs, Zielke wrote an article titled, "Do dysfunctional families

LAUNCHPAD CITY is Frisco's thriving new professional services building, located at 2595 Dallas Parkway. While many spaces are solely co-working spaces, LAUNCHPAD CITY has a broader list of offerings. They provide a co-working space, school, playground, construction, and money programs to provide growth

Remember back in the day when you sat in school, ate at the mom-and-pop shop in town (whatever mom-and-pop shop opened that year), and made friends at school with the same people who lived nearby? Remember the days… Those days aren’t

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region

Recently, Swych announced in a press release that they will be presenting their popular mobile app, and a sneak peek of their new GiftBot platform at FinovateFall 2016 in September. Swych was co-founded by entrepreneurs Deepak Jain, and Robert Sabella. They presented

The Innovation By Design Awards spotlight the best of the best in areas such as apps, branded environments, health, products, social good, websites, and platforms.  They reviewed more than 1,700 designs, and there were 15 winners and 231 finalists identified.

Sprinkl, the Dallas-based SXSW finalist is excited to announce that they raised $1.3 million in cash and credit from investor Ian Woodward-Smith.  This IoT company uses cloud connectivity to improve water conservation when controlling your yard sprinkler system. The irrigation and

Tapbots is the Flower Mound, Texas organization that is behind Tweetbot for iOS and Tweetbot for macOS, the award-winning Twitter client that is a top Apple App Store download.  Unlike apps that are designed to be utilized across platforms, Tweetbot is designed

Vinli has been making great waves since it's launch, and only continues to grow and expand its market presence. The company that brings WiFi to cars with a simple plug-in device, caught the attention of some big car companies. TechCrunch's article explains,

DMagazine recently reported that Fort Worth startup TransVix received a two million dollar vote of confidence from Hunt Technology Ventures. The Dallas-based company is one of the largest private technology investors in North America. The funding is led by David Hunt,

ParkHub is the Dallas-based company that offers a complete parking ecosystem with premier enterprise solutions.  They're revolutionizing the parking industry, first in Dallas, and now across the county.  Intended to take the frustration and uncertainty out of finding a parking

ValueBet is a new company that seeks to help users make consistent value bets helping to ensure long-term betting success.  ValueBet and its app are not actual gambling websites, no bets are placed through them. They do not accept any type of

If there is one thing that all homeowners have in common, it is the need to worry about lawn care.  Having a well kept lawn makes the home look welcoming and appealing, but this can be a time and labor

Kevin Vela is a managing partner at Vela | Wood PC, a Dallas-based law firm that focuses on startups and small businesses. He recently published an article explaining what "Series A" funding is and why Dallas is the prime location for

Jesse Lee the co-founder and CEO of M2M Circuits, spoke at Dallas new tech on Tuesday. Lee was originally in Cyber Security, but co-founded M2M Circuits to focus on bringing 4g to the IoT. He was first inspired to get into

Justin White, the co-Founder of Selery Fulfillment graced us with his pitch this Tuesday evening at Dallas New Tech. Selery was the first to level up to the final tier in the Tech Wildcatter’s Gauntlet. Selery is a fulfillment service specializing

The founder of vImmune (who we have featured before), Ashutosh Prasad, pitched at Dallas New Tech on Tuesday Evening. Looking to be the world’s best immunization management tool available, it launched in June of 2016. While most medical apps are

Allen Selis, the founder of Tech EdVentures, enthusiastically pitched his education company on Tuesday evening at Dallas New Tech. Founded 2 years ago, Tech EdVentures brings robotics, engineering, and coding classes to children. Classes start as young as pre-k, for robotics,

Zach Weismann co-founder of Cancer-Q, pitched at Dallas New Tech on Tuesday the 6th. Weismann aims to simplify the research process of those going through cancer and their loved ones. For those diagnosed with cancer, the internet can have a wealth

Merrick Porcheddu is the CEO of Create Gate, launched in Dallas in May of this year. Porcheddu came to pitch at Dallas New Tech, hosted by the J Erik Jonsson Central Library, Tuesday evening. First to pitch, Porcheddu set the

Health Wildcatters are hosting a grand opening party to celebrate their move! They're taking over the entire 20th floor of Pacific Place, a building in the Main Street District in downtown Dallas  1910 Pacific Avenue Suite 20000, Dallas, TX 75201.

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region

On September 8th Funimation and Crunchyroll, the two biggest anime distributors, have announced an exciting new partnership. This will bring more anime to anime lovers. They’ve agreed to share existing licenses, and split responsibilities for upcoming anime titles. Funimation, known

One of the frustrating things about driving your car is the fact that you're not connected between your car and smart devices. Vinli, a local Dallas startup, wanted to change that. This innovative company decided to bridge the gap.  Vinli

TangoTab's mission is simple - every time you eat, they eat. Anyone with a smart phone can download their app for free, and search for a restaurant. Once one has been chosen, simply click "Count Me In" on the app when you arrive, and

Eric Swayne, Sr. Director of Fan Engagement Super powers: - Digital Marketing - Analytics - Brand management - Customer engagement Twitter: @eswayne Facebook: @eswayne Instagram: @eswayne Email: Funimation

Have you ever thought about the potential diseases that the food you’re eating might cause… while you’re eating lunch? Or the toxins that the skincare product that you’re using might be putting on your skin… when you get out of the

Finding what you're good at can be exceptionally hard.  Finding your niche can be even harder.  Joshua Wilson is a Dallas based growth and business development expert, who helps those who need it find the tools they do not even

At a time when most 17-year-olds are starting their senior years of high school and worried about colleges, dating, and sports Ishan Goel is running three companies and is a distinguished photographer and entrepreneur. Forbes' Laura Inamedinova highlights Goel's achievements and the

Let's face it - none of us enjoy getting the mail. Whether its bills, more bills, or advertisements that go straight to the trash, it's never an exciting experience. Packages, on the other hand, are a different story. Like Birchbox

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region

Molly Cain was sitting in her favorite, secluded spot in a restaurant when two women sat down within earshot. Much as she tried being respectful and to focus on her work, she couldn't help but listen in on the conversation between a

The brothers behind the San Francisco tech startup, IFTTT, are not the typical Silicon Valley startup team.  Linden and Alexander Tibbets are also seventh-generation Texans and graduates of Duncanville High School.  Melissa Repko of the Dallas Morning News connected with Linden,

We're kicking off our TechMill podcast series with just a simple introduction of your cohosts, Kyle Taylor and David Brunow of TechMill.