John South: building a positive personal brand

John South has over 25 years experience in internet marketing, technology, and business improvement. He’s the President of global operations for GPO, a digital marketing agency, and Partner to Venture451, where he mentors, consults, and invests in startups. Based on his extensive years of experience, South wrote an article titled, “Eleven Ways to Build a Positive Personal Brand.

Personal Branding” is defined as the continued process of establishing a certain image or impression in other people’s minds about an individual, group, or organization.

South explained that each person has a personal brand influenced by people you interact with on a daily basis. For instance, South described that he wears jeans, boots, and a dark-colored jacket to every business meeting, similar to how Steve Jobs always wore a black turtleneck.

According to South, there are eleven simple ways to improve your personal brand to leave a positive impression. Some of these include:

  • Be on time
  • Avoid drama and overreactions
  • Learn to listen to others
  • Don’t always have a better story
  • Over time, small things matter

South explains that you should take the time to have a friend assess your personal brand and give you constructive feedback (whether you like it or not), on how they would describe you. Similar to how we remember Steve Jobs always wearing his black turtlenecks, take the time to develop your own personal brand, and what should represent you as an individual. By doing so, you’ll ultimately build and maintain a positive personal brand in the minds of those you interact with daily.

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