Teleport announces the top cities for founders, nine cities come in above San Francisco

Far too many people in the startup community, along with others in the general business community, believe that San Francisco is the best place to be.  While there are certainly advantages to San Francisco, this city is no longer the top city for founders.  Elen Veenpere over at Teleport highlights the top ten cities for founders, of which nine came in above San Francisco.

Using 180 data dimensions gathered from more than 70 different sources, Teleport was able to analyze the data and determine the best cities for founders, which is the second in this series.  Initially, Teleport revealed the best cities for software engineers.

Teleport identified the top five preferences for founders when using Teleport Cities: lively startup scene, low cost of living, low pollution, safety, and time spent on paying taxes.  Yet, this wasn’t enough for Teleport. Next, they added seven more layers that are specific to founders to ensure a complete picture: venture capital score, rent prices, download speed, office rent, labor restrictions (and lack thereof), airport connectivity, and the time that it takes to open a business and the amount of bureaucracy.

Taking all of the layers and using their data visualization tool the top 13 cities for founders around the world are (in order): Atlanta, Chicago, Berlin, Dallas, Bengaluru, Los Angeles, Delhi, Toronto, New York City, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, and Mumbai.  This list is evident of what happens when other factors are taken into account when looking at everything a founder may want or need, and the need to look at cities around the world that may offer a better startup experience than San Francisco.

In order to see the visualization tool, follow this link. It is possible to see the effect that the 12 factors have on the overall ranking.  Teleport then takes the top five cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Berlin, Dallas, and Bengaluru) and using another visualization algorithm created these two graphs here and here. These graphs offer an easy to decipher city comparison of the five cities.  You can see in the graph featuring the startup scene score, Berlin and Chicago rank highest, but when it comes to safety, Dallas is top dog.  On the second graph, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta have the least amount of labor restrictions. Bengaluru had the least amount of time needed to open a business.

Teleport also performed the same analysis for the top cities for founders in Asia, Europe, and the United States.  In Europe the top three are Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona; in Asia they are noticeably all in India, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. In the United States Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas are tops.

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