ShearShare Connects Beauty Professionals with Salon, Spa, and Barber Owners to Fill Empty Chairs

Shear Share is a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind beauty platform that connects barbers and cosmetologists to salons, spas, and barbershops that have open suites and booths.  The McKinney-based service is now available in more than 240 cities, and helps to fill empty suites. They offer salon and barbershop owners income on their empty spots, while offering licensed barbers and cosmetologists salon space for their clientele.

Barbershop and salon owners pay a 3% service fee each time a reservation is completed.  A service fee is charged to the cosmetologists and barbers usually totaling between 7 and 15% of the reservation subtotal.  Listing open suites and booths is easy, the owner adds their salon, spa, or barbershop information into an easy to complete form available online.  Then, the intake team reviews the information, reaches out to the salon owner, and completes the listing within 48 hours.

Booking with ShearShare is simple; the licensed barber or cosmetologist installs the ShearShare app via the Google Play Store or iTunes and inputs the city they wish to work within.  Using the filter option, it is possible to narrow down based on location, preferred pricing, and amenities. Next, to select the listing to book, merely select “book,” enter payment information, and the salon or barbershop space has been booked.

ShearShare is only open to licensed cosmetologists and barbers. A license number and state information are required when signing up.  Along with cosmetologists and barbers, ShearShare also helps connect salons and spas with estheticians, nail techs, massage therapists, and make up artists, so long as they are licensed to engage in the business in their state.

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