Now available: DriveAds vinyl wrapped vehicle advertising platform

DriveAds is changing the world of outdoor advertising. By turning personal vehicles into mobile billboards, DriveAds ensures those on the road see the ad at every mile, and provide a potential source of extra income for the everyday driver.  This Dallas-based firm is an out-of-home advertising platform utilizing vinyl wrapped vehicles that connects those who spend a lot of time driving, with those seeking to advertise on the road.

The process is easy. First the potential driver registers for DriveAds by filling out information about the car and driver via the online platform.  Then the potential driver downloads the app from Google Play or Apple iTunes, and starts driving.  DriveAds identifies those who are best suited for the service. If selected, it is possible to make up to $400 each month just for driving your vehicle.

There are five basic requirements necessary in order to become a DriveAds driver. First, the vehicle must be driven more than 20 miles each day. The driver also must have a clean driving record with absolutely no infractions.  The car needs to be owned or leased, and should be a 2007 model or newer in new, or like-new condition.  The driver should have a great attitude about driving a brand’s advertisement and they should, most importantly, be awesome.

For businesses and individuals that want to advertise with DriveAds, they begin by determining the geographic area that will be targeted.  Next, the business is paired with a high mileage commuter (or commuters, based on the scale of the campaign)  in that area and the campaign start date is selected.  DriveAds utilizes professional installers that apply and remove the 3M Grade-A decals or wraps. These are gloss laminated, and manufactured to last for up to two years. Not only do they look snazzy, but drivers will be pleased to learn that the wrap actually protects their car’s paint and clear coat, while applied to the car.  Clients work with DriveAds’ professional designers to create impactful creative images for their campaigns.

Businesses can rest assured that the drivers carrying their ads drive at least 800 miles a month. This means a single car can generate 30,000-50,000 impressions each and every day for campaigns.  For additional peace of mind, DriveAds tracks their connected cars with an IoT device that remains on at all times. Their platform is not app-dependent, which ensures accuracy in reporting (as opposed to their competitors).  Along with ensuring drivers are meeting their daily mileage requirement, DriveAds offers advertisers access to an analytics dashboard. Here, they can track and monitor their driver/campaign performance with stats such as miles driven, routes taken, and the number of impressions for the campaign, either in real-time or a historical view.

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