PediaQ Announces Expansion into Austin, Texas September 3

PediaQ is the on demand pediatric urgent care service that bills itself as the Pediatric House Call. They are changing the face of pediatric medicine by making it more accessible for all.  In June it was announced that PediaQ had obtained $4.5 million in funding in order to expand on-demand urgent care services, and this week, Danielle Abril of DHealthcare Daily announces PediaQ’s expansion to Austin, their third Texas market.

Starting on September 3 the communities of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Leander will all have access to PediaQ’s services- offering parents pediatric care in the comfort of their own home.  Founder Jon O’Sullivan identifies the Austin community as having the ideal demographics for expanding to the market, citing the population, number of school-aged children, average family income, and other indicators that there would be interest in the services and the app.

Currently, the Houston metropolitan area of the Woodlands, along with several North Texas communities have access to PediaQ.  Their operating hours are Monday through Friday 2 pm to 10 pm, and on the weekends from 8 am to 10 pm.  Initially, in the Austin communities, PediaQ will be available on the weekends. As demand increases, they will expand into weekday hours as well.

PediaQ is a new concept, with their platform offering the ability to speak to a pediatric nurse for free to answer questions.  It also allows a health care professional to discuss the symptoms the child is experiencing, through a short phone call, before dispatching a pediatric specialist to your home for treatment of the child.  Perfect for the busy family, families are no longer tied to their pediatricians office in times of emergency, saving a stressful and expensive trip to the ER, or an urgent care center.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of services provided by PediaQ.  Many families only need to pay their urgent care co-pay, and a convenience fee of $25.  For those without insurance, or with insurance that does not cover the services, the standard PediaQ visit is $150 for the first patient, $50 for each additional patient (for times when a bug makes several of your children ill), and then reasonable fees for others services that may be required.  PediaQ is the perfect one-stop shop for in-home pediatric care.

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