NoiseAware Continues to Grow and Improve, Offering Homeowners Peace of Mind

Updated August 28th, 2016 with a quote from Airbnb.

NoiseAware is a brilliant device that allows property owners to passively ensure that guests in their home do not allow the volume inside to get out of control.  Working much like a smoke detector, when noise hits a predetermined level, it alerts the homeowner and allows them to contact their guests, hopefully preventing intervention by the police.

Co-founded by David Krauss, who learned first-hand the time and expense associated with house guests that are too loud, the company seeks to solve the issue of noise complaints for VRBOs.  For Krauss, the Dallas Police Department knew about the noise violations before he did, resulting in massive fines, but used that experience to create a solution.  Along with co-founder Andrew Schulz, they introduced the non-invasive noise monitoring device that is as affordable as it is useful. Recent improvements to the device have resulted in a dramatic increase in sensitivity and reliability.  New sensors pick up the sound of an air conditioner turning on, and the improved WiFi system that can adapt and connect to a wider array of WiFi configurations, such as satellite and mobile connections.

The company is quickly growing, with 54 new customers from 13 states, as well as Canada.  NoiseAware is gaining exposure and inquiries, from the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and an order from Bosnia – proof that this is a problem on a global scale. One of their most notable and recent customers is the manager of the house that Johnny Manziel rented and destroyed, causing $32,000 in damages.  This could have been prevented had management known about the party as it was happening.

Along with a growing customer base, NoiseAware has added their first two employees, Christine Saba and Jeremy Lujan, while they also enjoyed having their very first intern, “Zuck the Intern” from Harvard University spend his summer in Dallas with the team.  Working very hard to “Make America Quiet Again,” NoiseAware is solving one of the biggest complains of the VRBO market–noise.

HomeAway has recently listed NoiseAware on their partner product website. This resulted in more recognition and awareness from the owners and managers of the 1.5 million listings on the website.  Meanwhile, Krauss is the local DFW leader for public policy. He is working with AirBNB Action to maintain Dallas’ reputation for being a positive force behind the sharing economy conversation.

“Our community wants to pay its fair share and we want to help. Airbnb is collecting and remitting in over 200 jurisdictions around the world and we hope to add Dallas to that list very soon.” – Alison Schumer, Airbnb

Along with preparing for the fall product launch, NoiseAware will be making appearances at several industry conferences this fall, starting with HomeAway’s RezFest in September and ending with AirBNB Open in November.

Harmony Tapper