Ep5 – Ken Koo is Bringing Business Worlds Together with Bridge Alliance (1 of 2)

This is episode number 5 of The Jason Croft Show where we answer the question, “How do we bring nimble, innovative startups and large profitable corporations together so that they both become better?”
Welcome to episode number five.  If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out my last two episodes with Michael Sitarzewski – he has taken over Launch DFW, the online hub of the entire Dallas startup community and he’s growing it like crazy.  We also talked about how his startup is helping companies grow by going offline and why being too early can be a bad thing in business.
For the show today, I wanted to dive into the issues that come with both being a large corporation and trying to innovate quickly enough…and with being a startup who may be fast and cutting edge, but lacks the reach and the capital to grow quickly enough.  So I brought Ken Koo into the business-mobile to discuss what he’s building to tackle this incredibly large and complex ever-growing problem, with his new initiative, Bridge Alliance.  Let’s get rolling! 
This is great so far.  But as you may know by now, I want to respect your time and keep these episodes short so that they’re the perfect commuter listens and easy-to-view videos.  But if you’re ready for more with Ken right away, jump into episode 6 right now.  I’ll see you over there.
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