Keep Tabs on Childhood Immunization With vImmune

Fax machines and paperwork seem like such a relic for so many people these days thanks to the internet, tablets and  mobile phones. But, when it comes to health records however, things have largely been less than transformed. It’s no surprise that even data Goliaths like Google have attempted and failed to wrangle the tangle of HIPPA regulations, for the elegance of modern mobile convenience. Even Apple’s health app built into iOS is limited to monitoring trivial stuff like daily steps and recording your heartbeat. The vImmune app, however, proposes to tackle the health records issue from a new approach -childhood immunizations.

The vImmune website describes the mobile app as an immunization management and tracking platform. It’s no surprise that schools require immunization reports from the family doctor to ensure a healthier student body for learning. Considering the amount of disconnect between doctors offices and the school district, it is no surprise that someone somewhere would think there should be an app for that.  As the kids head back to school, keeping track of their immunization is a job only a parent could enjoy, and enjoy even less than the flu the kids inevitably bring home during the year.

The apps feature set includes basic but important things like compliance with all HIPAA regulations, and that it follows Center for Disease Control national guidelines. The health data is encrypted, and is not stored on your device. So if prying eyes ever get into your mobile device, it will still be for your eyes only. When you do need to share the immunization report, the app provides an easy way to send the report on to the school or to your child’s doctors office.  vImmune is available for both iOS and Android.

William Addington