Dallas-area Mom Goes Viral for Crocheting Pokemon and Hiding Them Throughout Dallas

The release of Pokemon Go on July 5 of this year was the first real introduction to the masses the technology of augmented reality.  Hoards of children and adults have downloaded the game onto their mobile devices in a quest to catch them all.  There is little question that Pokemon Go is a global phenomenon.  Nichole Dunigan is sharing that joy in the real world by leaving crocheted Pokemon around Dallas for people playing outside to find.

Britton Peele, writing for GuideLive had the opportunity to meet Nichole, from Lewisville, Texas and talk to her about the crochet Pokemon she is sharing with the world, much to the delight of those in the Dallas area.  A mom to a five-year-old, Nichole made her son a Pokeball, that he would then toss around with their dog.  The amount of joy the small crocheted ball brought her son led her to wanting to share that joy with other children outside playing.

Nichole carefully hid the crocheted Pokemon in areas that children would be able to find, but still slightly hidden so there would be more surprise in the find.  Very quickly, adults found the Pokemon creatures and fans on Reddit were sharing photos of the Pokemon they were finding while major fan sites were reporting on the adorable critters.

Surprisingly, Nichole has no intention of ever selling the handmade items even though they take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to create.  Instead of using this as a means to get rich quick, she put the patterns that she uses up online, for free.

Nichole told Peele, “I’ve been a designer for about three years, and I love designing patterns for free because I love contributing to the creative crochet world, especially since there aren’t a lot of quality free patterns out there.”

Offering the patterns, and the finished products, for free not only ensures that anyone who wishes can make them, but Nichole seems to find a lot of joy in seeing the kids and adults finding them and being so excited to locate a real Pokemon.

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