LunchPro Offers Pharma Reps and Medical Offices More Control over Lunch

LunchPro is a Dallas-based company that connects local caters with pharmaceutical reps and medical offices. These lunches are provided by pharmaceutical reps, for the medical officers that they are seeking to assist.  LunchPro was founded in 2002 by Matt Carlton, who saw the need for pharmaceutical sales reps to have a better way to provide lunches to their medical offices.

Currently working in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio regions, LunchPro partners with local restaurants to serve the pharmaceutical sales reps that are required by their employer to schedule an average of four lunches each week.  This creates a huge income opportunity for restaurants, while also offering free advertising to the medical staff receiving their lunches.

In explaining why he created LunchPro, Carlton writes, “My greatest concern was always keeping the medical offices happy.  But this wasn’t always a simple task. Each office had different food preferences, varying staff counts, and I never really knew what had already been served that week.”

Constantly reaching out to the offices he was trying to serve, ended up annoying the people he was hoping to please.  Just to ensure that they were getting what the office would enjoy.  This left him having to manage the scheduling of such lunches, picking up the food, tracking receipts, and setting lunches up essentially acting more like a catering business  and less like a sales rep.

Enter LunchPro.  In Carlton’s words, “A system that specifically services the unique relationship between pharmaceutical reps and the medical offices they call upon.”  In other words, a system that has been designed to be mutually beneficial between the pharmaceutical reps and the medical offices they rely upon for their livelihood.  With the ability to customize expectations by including preferred restaurants, dietary restrictions, and the size of the staff it is possible to rotate meals appropriately, without any of the inherent guesswork.

With LunchPro, medical offices get more control over the lunches they serve. Using LunchPro streamlines the process.  It helps to ensure they do not get the same sandwich and salad lunch three days in a row.  For reps, they can set budgets, track receipts, and takes out the risk of of offering their medical clients the same lunch they have had for a week.  LunchPro offers the reps automatic alerts throughout the entire delivery process. This allows the sales rep to focus on more important aspects of their job.

LunchPro offers meals in the $7.49 to $14.99 per person price range. They do not charge any extra delivery or hidden fees in order to pad their bottom line.  The cost of LunchPro’s LunchPad is shouldered by the local restaurants that wish to be featured in the system.

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