Brad Bush Introduces VR/AR Recipes Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) start to become more commonly used technologies, there is now ample opportunity for those looking to create something iconic to do so. The field is beginning its mass introduction to the average technology user.  Brad Bush is leading the way with 11 Tasty VR/AR Recipes to offer ideas for using VR and AR into nearly any enterprise.  Bush is not alone, Tim Cook of Apple, Inc., declared this summer that AR is a core technology for the company, which is unsurprising as this technology is finally growing.

Until very recently VR and AR were technologies that seemed quite out there. In the two years since Facebook purchased Oculus it is apparent that VR and AR can in fact dominate the consumer space.  Until July 5 of this year not many people were familiar with AR, where the physical, real-world environment is augmented with the digital; that is until Pokemon Go took over the world.

Bush writes, in regards to his VR/AR cook book, “Only true VR/AR master chefs will be able to find the right ingredients for a successful application of the technology-and we have the cookbook that will put you on the right path for VR/AR success.”  With the successful rollout of Pokemon Go, and the subsequent jump in profitability for Nintendo, there is no doubt that the time to think about VR and AR is now.

The cookbook offers 11 different “recipes” such as Overlying Real-Time Data onto the Real World, VR/AR Telepresence “Mashup,” and Allowing People with Disabilities to Work in New Roles. These topics offer the reader the information they need to be successful in VR/AR while empowering them to take control of their enterprise and the role that VR/AR will play in it.  11 Tasty VR/AR Recipes is not a step by step instruction on how to implement VR and AR into your enterprise.  Instead it offers the tools necessary, but also requires creative thinking and innovation for the reader to find VR and AR success.  The field is still developing, allowing those who blaze the first trails to define the future.

Harmony Tapper