Dallas New Tech: Panamplify

Michael Pratt, the CEO and co-founder of Panamplify, spoke last week at Dallas New Tech. He spoke about the company’s purpose and current growth. Panamplify is a Dallas startup that eliminates the grunt work involved in creating marketing reports.

Michael started by explaining the task that marketing companies have in creating reports. Their clients come to them and want to know what they did with the money they were given. Then, the marketing company has to spend lots of time and resources to put together reports that show the client that their funding was well-spent. Out of over 120,000 marketing agencies in the United States, 10,000 of those have 100 or more clients. On average spend 12 hours every month putting those reports together.

Panamplify reduces those hours down to nothing by using artificial intelligence to streamline how these reports are built. They don’t analyze the data, but they remove the unnecessary pieces and transform the data to answer questions and tell the story they want to tell. Michael assured his audience that they don’t replace human jobs with this service, but instead are augmenting the human intelligence to essentially give them superpowers. While other solutions require a team to use the tool, the Panamplify solution requires no on-boarding, and anyone can use it.

Currently the company has 4 agency customers and 51 brands on the platform. They successfully raised $1.1 million in funding last December. They plan on using those funds to grow their team this year.

Check out his pitch below.


Chastiny Lewis