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David Burrows is the founder and CEO of Laundri, an app-based on-demand laundry cleaning, dry-cleaning and shoe-shining service. He spoke last week at Dallas New Tech on the one-year launch anniversary of the company, explaining how they got started and what their business model is based on.

“Did you know that you’re going to spend five to ten months of your life doing laundry?” David asked the audience.

He then went on to explain that, in the United States, we spend $9 billion every year for dry cleaning, which brings us to a total of $20 billion when wash and fold services are included. The average household spends $500 per year on these services, while business travelers spend $2500 year.

Laundri seeks to reduce time and money spent on these services by providing an app-based service that’s competitively priced. They’ve successfully grown the business with no investment money, and have recently added a monthly subscription model.

In addition to serving consumers, Laundri also sells their model to existing dry cleaning businesses. They provide the app, software, white label, and marketing and IT support on a subscription basis.

Currently their service area for customers includes Dallas and Atlanta. They plan to continue to scale nationally, as they move forward.

Check out Burrow’s pitch below.

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