Dallas New Tech: Partake Golf

Heath Barnett is the founder and CEO of Partake Golf, a Dallas-based startup.  Partake Golf is a consumer-based application that allows golfers to order food, beverage, and retail offerings from the clubhouse on demand, and have it delivered to them on the golf course.

Heath explained at Dallas New Tech last week that golf is a $70 billion industry and is currently growing. There were 2.2 million new golfers last year. Golf has also entered the Olympics again for the first time in over 100 years. However, only 40% of golf courses make a profit.  The rest of them either breaking even, or actually losing money. Often that they don’t have the technology to operate effectively, and their greatest source of revenue – food and beverages – are often neglected.

Partake Golf intends on fixing this problem.  By giving golfers purchasing power, they are effectively encouraging the demand for an important golf course revenue source. Golfers will simply be able to download the app, then select the course they are at, and purchase from the menu. The secure transaction platform eliminates the need for exchanging a physical credit card. This makes purchasing simple and fast. Players can also access the social community and score cards on the app, including leader boards.

Partake Golf will also streamline operations for golf courses.  They will be able to manage the app and clubhouse offerings themselves. It will provide them with analytics, enabling them to understand what needs and demands their golfers have, in turn allowing them to provide their customers with a unique golfing experience.


Check out his pitch below.

Chastiny Lewis