Dallas New Tech: XClaim Mobile

Paul Roncal is the Marketing Manager for XClaim Mobile, a Dallas startup that focuses on helping large companies extend the life of their digital ads by 25 times. Paul spoke last week at Dallas New Tech. He was standing in for Founder and CEO Brian Maupin, who was traveling to meet with potential customers.

Paul explained that despite miserable returns on their investment, companies continue to spend billions of dollars on digital ads. The average life expectancy of a digital ad is only a short three days. However, XClaim Mobile is able to extend that time frame and get re-engagement from consumers.

How it works, he said, is that the consumer is asked to click-through the ad, and download an app to their phone. Since app download rate is currently down, they leverage popular digital payment apps that people already have downloaded. Once it’s saved, the consumer gets notifications of location relevant and time sensitive offers.

This creates the idea 1 to 1 marketing channel, which has attracted the interest of large brands such as Audi Finance, Coca-Cola, Volkswagon, and Pizza Hut. XClaim Mobile is also the only one among their competitors to work on all 3 OS systems.

Over the past 6 months, XClaim Mobile has been working with AT&T‘s email marketing campaigns and successfully hit a click-through rate of 42%, which took AT&T’s cost of acquiring a new customer down 86%.

Xclaim Mobile’s product is focused toward large companies, currently. They may develop a simpler design for smaller companies in the future.

Take a look at his pitch below.


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